DELICIOUSES SQUATS WITH HELP OF FITBALL (photos in post in Spanish, just below)

Dear friends,

This month I will speak of an exercise that I discovered recently, but I can say that the results are palpable seconds after you have done … ..

Within a few hours, you feel more. The next day it’s great! You feel your body completely, both internally as more external muscles. You welcome some soreness that you feel “the Queen of Sheba.”

This photo above is the practice of using fitball squat. Highly recommend it, mainly because the Pilates ball protects your lumbar. Very interesting this year add some weight to begin serving a weight of 1 kg. in each hand. Or a single disk than 2 kg. you keep your hands on with both hands. Every time you go down, you put your arms horizontally. The legs must be open across the width of your hips or something else, feet parallel or also the balls of your feet slightly separated. Going down, you should be fully aware of your abdomen, trying to “hold” internally. Also, down, your hip is slightly backward. When climbing, the pelvis is placed back straight.

Another detail: How far down? Your hip should be straight with your knees, that is, you should lose more than the girl in the picture. But like everything in life, you can (and I think you should) adapt to your comfort.

Fitball or Pilates ball is a wonderful tool that will help not only to do squats, but also do abdominal exercises and many other funny. Here a picture that just to see her, excited:

Interesting huh?

Let the technical side: how it benefits us squats practice?:

Helps burn body fat: it attracts us … It is said that when practicing, we use over 250 muscles in our body …. with this is all said.
Toning legs and buttocks: this we are also interested! Given muscle mass, say that helps sculpt them or develop them.
Improves flexibility of the ankles and knees. Strengthens the lower back, which particularly concerns us when we suffer pain in the lower back (Ohh! Especially sedentary workers).
It works in a straightforward way the muscles of the hips, buttocks and thighs, strengthen tendons and ligaments of the legs and pelvis.
Finally, some good advice: it is imperative that you learn from an expert, who give you advises and in this way, do not make mistakes that be very expensive (if you’ve ever injured, you’ll understand).

And another issue: abdominal work using fitball. Us work because we ensure that the lumbar is well supported on the ground and we forget the mistakes of bad archs in the column. It is also important to remember that by doing “abs” the protagonist part is precisely the abdomen, which we shrink whenever we “go up”. So be careful with “head up” and stretch the neck, or end up with an impressive neck pain.

Here a few pictures of some abdominal using fitball. A hug! Sandra.

(Your comments are always welcome!)


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